Adam Wilson

Founding Partner / CIO

Adam Wilson is the Founding Partner and CIO for RFX Technologies. He and his wife Kelly have been married since May of 2018 and he has two grown up daughters, Mia and Jamie, and a stepson, Blake.

While growing up under the watchful eye of his mother, Adam learned the importance of being able to speak in a language few understood. That's right, Adam is the programmer of the bunch. It was in high school that his real interest started. He quickly took to programming and realized the potential for programs in our life.

Adam has mastered various languages such as JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, PHP, Perl, XSL/XML and UNIX Shell. He also has extensive experience with many other languages, including DOS, FORTRAN, Visual Basic, .NET, ELF and SQL. He has worked with such applications as Windows (every version since 1995), Applixware, HomeSite, TeamSite, The Microsoft Professional Office Suite, FrontPage, WS-FTP, Telnet, Photoshop, ImageReady, Paintshop, and Macromedia Flash 4. He has a working background which includes developing and implementing online training packages for applications, as well as for commercial Web sites.

In his career, he has served in various roles, including Web Master for General Electric and training manager for the United States Navy. Adam is certified in TeamSite 5.5 and has worked with the Interwoven suite of products for many years; Interwoven's Teamsite (now Autonomy) is an Enterprise Web Content Management System. Working for years with this product in close relationship with the vendor, along with their other suite of products like OpenDeploy and Livesite, this experience gave Adam the foundation that has inspired his dedication to creating the exceptional CMS that is part of our product offerings today.

In his spare time, when he finds any, Adam enjoys spending time with his family. He has realized that kids grow up all too fast. He also enjoys the opportunity to get involved with his church, Lagrange Presbyterian Church.

If you would like to speak to Adam regarding your company's needs, he can be reached in the office at 502.742.2550 x1002.