Bart Bushong

Senior Partner / CEO

Bart Bushong is the Senior Partner and CEO for RFX Technologies. He married his high school sweetheart, Lori, after college in June of 1993. They have two awesome adult children, James (Lauren) and Jenna and are the proud grandparents of a beautiful little girl.

Bart is not what you would call a "tech" guy other than the fact that he likes gadgets and learning about all the newest cutting-edge stuff. Bart's role in the company is that of operations. He began his fascination with business at the age of nine when he realized people would actually give him money if he worked for them. That is when he started cutting grass using the old-style lawn mower; you remember the one without the engine?

From his early beginnings, Bart found that those who worked the hardest, often got rewarded through promotion and responsibility. From the time he entered the workforce he began moving up the ladder. While attending the University of Kentucky he worked full time in a management role for a national chain and later became one of the youngest General Managers for an international chain. Throughout his career Bart has gained experience in management, sales, purchasing, financial consulting, negotiations, training, and has led a few seminars. Bart has helped lead, grow, and run multi-million-dollar companies in several different business sectors.

Apart from the financial side of operations at RFX Technologies, Bart really enjoys meeting people and working with them to achieve the technology goals of their various companies. His years of experience have given him the ability to understand the various ins and outs of using technology to advance business. He is involved in technology planning and budget meetings for several of our clients. Helping a client to achieve their goals with the budget that they have is one of the things that Bart finds most rewarding.

Bart is the former Board President of Friend for Life, a cancer support group, where he currently serves as the Board Nomination Chair. After losing his mother to cancer in 2008, at the young age of 62, Bart wanted to make sure he was involved and working to make a difference. Friend for Life is an organization that his mother held dear, and she was an active volunteer with them throughout her battle.

Currently Bart serves as the Board President for Cornerstone Legacies Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to strive "For the betterment of nonprofits, encouragement of environmental initiatives, and to assist individuals in finding peace and success in their everyday lives."

In the fall of 2008, Bart joined the Louisville Downtown Rotary as another way to give back. Since being there, he has supported Scout-O-Rama, deParty for dePaul and Middle School Connection. Over the years he served as Vice-Chair and Chair of committees like Hospitality and Technology (PPT).

Over the years Bart has been a scout leader, and a coach for soccer, basketball, tee ball and coach pitch. Bart also works to be active in his faith. "Lori and I felt like the best things we could give to our kids was love and a solid foundation in faith. We worked to be involved as a family, as a couple and as individuals. In time we have learned that the faith and community that we nurtured as a family has continually given us strength and peace in all aspects of our lives. What a blessing!”

If you would like to speak to Bart regarding your company's needs, he can be reached in the office at 502.742.2550.