Sean Thomas

Chief Operations Officer / COO

Sean grew up in Louisville and has lived all over the city. He has always had an interest in electronics but shifted his focus to music at an early age. He discovered that he could create and publish music with an array of technologies. This led Sean into creating many different types of music and even working on other forms of media, such as radio commercials and sound design, for video production. Sean built his own home recording studio and works with many local artists.

Sean says that working with technology has never felt like a job because he loves the work that he’s able to do for RFX and his fellow team members that he works with. Many of his previous jobs have been around the service industry, although he says he never really sought a career in customer service. He has found that he enjoys talking with people and troubleshooting any type of issue. Sean started working on the support desk, and then became a Service Manager to now working closely with sales as the Technical Business Manager. Sean says he’s always aware that there is much to learn and that he’s ready for whatever comes his way.