Cutting the Electronic Dead Weight

Posted by: Bart Bushong on September 4, 2012
Cutting the Electronic Dead Weight

Sometimes when you’re in a good routine, you might not be able to objectively see some of the unnecessary habits and products you’re clinging to. Let me help. You may be able to get rid of some office equipment to reduce office clutter. Or you may be able to cut down on the hassle of repairing and replacing old equipment. Here’s a roundup of some traditional office equipment that you should probably recycle.

Fax Machine

I always get thrown for a loop in the rare event someone requires me to fax something. Luckily, there are lots of online services that allow you to fax without a fax machine or running to a copy store. I’ve used Hello Fax with great success in the past.

Land Line

You might not be ready to give up your business’ entire phone system, but there’s probably at least a handful of lines you could cut. If your employees have a cell phone that they use for business, do they really need a landline too? Another way to cut back on your phone bill is to consider a virtual receptionist. I’ve heard good things about Alice.


Going paperless is getting easier and easier. It saves money, saves trees, saves office space, and saves your fingers from another pesky paper cut. Can you do away with all of your printers and, copiers and scanners? Maybe not. But a few adjustments could probably cut out the need for a lot of them. This article by PC Magazine has some good tips.

How to Recycle

So once you’ve decided to get rid of your old equipment, what should you do with it? Well, don’t just throw it in the trash! If you’re local, you can take old electronic equipment to the University of Louisville for recycling. You can also take your items to the city of Louisville for recycling and disposal.

When it’s time to repair or replace your office gear, it’s always good to reevaluate how you’re using the items. With the ones listed above, and many more, you might be surprised to find that you can do away with it entirely.

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