Microsoft is Coming to a Mall Near You

Posted by: RFX Staff on September 21, 2012
Microsoft is Coming to a Mall Near You

One of the new things rolling out with the stores is the new line of Microsoft Signature computers. These PCs have been put on what Microsoft calls a “software diet”, selectively loaded with a unique combo of programs for your needs. No more 30-day trials and superfluous utilities slowing your start-up time.

The Microsoft Signature series is also going to be great for small business, making it easier for them to get their computers running out of the box. They’ll also come with free virus protection that updates automatically and doesn’t have renewal fees. We’re really excited for the new Microsoft Signature model since we’ve always encouraged our clients to go with basic configurations that aren’t bogged down with unnecessary battery and memory drains.

In addition to PCs, the Microsoft stores will also showcase Xbox 360s and the new Surface tablets, and tables for you to try before you buy. Have questions about your Microsoft gear? You can make an appointment with the Answers Desk.

I feel like I’m basically describing an Apple store. It seems like the recent rise of ultrabooks, tablets and stores are Microsoft following in Apple’s lead to fight its competitive edge. However, Microsoft still has a long history of providing great hardware and software, so we’re excited to see how the retail locations work out for them and hope to find one in Louisville soon.

Microsoft hopes to have about 75 stores open in the next three years. A store will be opening in Cincinnati “soon”. Anyone up for a road trip?

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