Training: A Necessity In A Technology Support Provider

Posted by: Crystal Christy on January 21, 2013
Training: A Necessity In A Technology Support Provider

By the time you finish reading this article 1,080 hours of video will have been uploaded to YouTube, 347 domain names will have been registered, and IBM, Microsoft, or Samsung will likely have applied for at least one patent. Additionally, it took radio nearly 38 years and television over 13 years to reach 50 million people; however, it took only four years for the World Wide Web to accomplish the same feat. Furthermore, it is estimated that by 2016 over 10 billion mobile devices will be connected to the Internet.

These figures are not only astonishing, but help illustrate how technology now impacts each and every one of us and just how quickly this technology is progressing. These advancements assist in increasing productivity, improving security, and offer a slew of other benefits. In order to keep up with the rapid pace, it is important to have a technology support provider who understands and invests in training and continuing education. At RFX, we are dedicated to ensuring that our staff is well equipped to handle the demands of the current technology in use as well as the emerging standards.

6 Ways RFX Technologies Keeps Support Staff Educated

  1. Each of our technical employees attends bi-monthly, in-house training sessions. These sessions are captured on video and archived so that new employees can get up to speed quickly and existing employees can revisit the material to refresh their knowledgebase.
  2. All technicians are provided with several hours of individual training time per month. During this time they work on progressing through their personalized training roadmaps, which are designed to aide them in attaining industry standard certifications
  3. Group study meetings dubbed “Lunch And Learns” and/or “Discovery Dinners” are also hosted frequently and garner outstanding attendance (although this may have as much to do with the free meals as the knowledge dispensed).
  4. Several online training resources are made available to the staff.
  5. Each employee receives a generous education reimbursement fund.
  6. Hands-on instruction is provided daily by our senior engineers with years of experience.

As you can see, training and continuing education are a certain priority to us. All of the above mentioned processes not only ensure that we, as a company, are prepared to support your current technology needs, but are poised to see you well into the future.

As the Corporate Training Coordinator I may be a bit biased; however, I am truly excited about the educational opportunities provided by RFX and consistently amazed by the participation and tireless effort that each staff member contributes.


RFX Technologies can provide technical training and tech support for your business, too! Contact us to find out more.

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