Our response to Covid-19

As Kentucky began issuing stay at home recommendations, we moved our staff to an aggressive work from home model. We made it a priority from day one to think outside the box to safely provide support to our trusted clients. We have allowed only one of our IoT members to remain onsite. This team member continues to follow stringent safety procedures which he helped put in place. For many years, we have worked to provide services remotely and from 5 different states. This allowed our Team to transition to our new model seamlessly. Our team put in countless hours at the start of this “new normal” as we saw an increase in demand for our services as many of our clients also needed to shift the way they did business.

The only on-site visits have been for “Mission Critical” items and that is only after an extensive internal review of the situation and detailed planning has taken place. As our clients begin to reopen, we will continue our “Mission Critical” standards and review each situation on a case by case basis. The safety of our clients and our team members is, and will remain, the most important focus for us during this time. Thank you so much for counting on us. It has been our pleasure to support you and your team members and we truly appreciate the positive sentiments that you have sent our way.

Warmest regards,
Bart and Adam