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RFX Technologies is a Microsoft certified partner with many years of experience in all phases of the IT engineering process. Our consultants are experienced in the development of custom solutions to meet all your business goals for productivity and efficiency. Whether you need help engineering a network with remote access and cloud backups, or you need a custom-built application to fit your business needs, we’ve got the experience and the skills to help.

Taking your business

We'll make sure that you can run your business no matter where you are. Whether you’re working from home, traveling, or spending the afternoon at your local coffee shop, we’ll keep you secure and connected. With several remote employees of our own, we are well-versed in file sharing and communication solutions that work even beyond the walls of your brick-and-mortar office building.

Network configuration and monitoring

The way your technical systems work starts with how your systems are built. From something as simple as a cable to something more complex like the applications that run on your server, how your network is configured does make a difference. Additionally, just like a car it won’t run forever. We understand the importance of monitoring and doing regular maintenance so your network will deliver day in and day out business reliability. Through annual auditing you can be assured you’re keeping pace with best practices in tech.

Custom-built software applications

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We know your business has unique goals, concerns, and needs and we will be sure to find the right answer for you no matter what. Our goal is to tailor software applications to save you time and money, bringing up your bottom line and saving you hours of labor. We design applications that work for you instead of making you work to figure out how to use an application.

Business backup

Ensure that your important business data is backed up and secure, without the hassle. We will take care of the day-to-day processes of backing up your information and make sure to find the most dependable methods for your company. We won’t store your data anywhere we haven’t tried out ourselves first. Not only that, we’ll save you frustration and lost productivity by making sure that your down time is at a minimum if your working files are compromised and you need to restore from a backup.

Configuring and distributing out-of-the-box applications

While building a new application from the ground up ensures that it is tailored exactly to the needs of your business, it’s not the right solution for every company. If there is an out-of-the-box solution out there that can already meet all or some of the needs of your company, why reinvent the wheel completely? We can also tweak and add functionality to pre-made applications in order to get the best results for your clients, employees, and business. We’ll also make sure that the process of distributing and implementing the new application will go as smoothly as possible to save you time and frustration.

Website design and

Say goodbye to copy-and-paste website templates. They have their own time and place but processing your (or your customer’s) sensitive data is best handled more securely and professionally. We will code your website from the ground up to ensure that it is the fastest, safest, most reliable that it can be. Our design team will keep your clients interested in your site and our programmers will make sure they have a good experience while visiting it.

...and many other kinds of IT consulting to help your business stay connected, secure and scalable.

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