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RFX Technologies offers a suite of solutions that will allow our team of trained technicians to manage your network and devices. With InfiniVisor, RFX can diagnose and solve issues before you're even aware of them, and with InfiniVault, we can take the headache out of keeping up-to-date backups of all your data.

With IT management often bordering on chaos, companies often spend 70 percent of their IT budgets on system maintenance and only 30 percent on new technology. Our consultants are experienced in the development of custom solutions to meet all your business goals for productivity and efficiency.


What would happen to your business if you suddenly lost all your data? For many, that would spell disaster. Many small businesses say they understand the importance of backing up data, yet do not have a backup and recovery solution in place. InfiniVault is a custom RFX solution that takes the pain and stress out of managing and testing online backups.

*per Symantec Internet Security Report 2014

How can InfiniVault help?
  • Monitors successes / failures available based on your tailored solution
  • Integrates with your company's already existing infrastructure
  • Regular testing of recovery features
  • On site, fully remote or hybrid cloud solutions
  • FIPS 140-2 certified backup solution, a government security standard


Whether you're plagued with persistent network problems such as security vulnerabilities, poor performance, and a barrage of support requests or just need a little network fine tuning, we can help with InfiniVisor. Set your sights on a safer network that minimizes security threats and tedious management tasks, and maximizes time spent on priorities.

*per Symantec SMB Info Protection Survery

How can InfiniVisor help?
  • Simplifies IT administration and management
  • Manages your entire infrastructure from a single location
  • Automates deployment, backup and upgrades
  • Proactively manages changing business conditions
  • Lowers the cost and complexity of managing your servers and desktops

If you do have an existing backup solution, when is the last time you've tested it? Unfortunately, a large number of users who think they are fully protected have found errors during restoration of their data. InfiniVault is the ultimate solution to ensure your business can continue to operate smoothly, even when disaster strikes.

Don't become just another statistic. Get in touch with RFX today and see what kind of solution we can implement for you and your business.

Customers like you are often able to lower the cost of managing their servers and desktops by an average of 30 percent, simply by deploying our managed services program. We'd love to sit down with you and determine just how much you can save.

In today's environment, you want a network that is as secure and reliable as possible. We can provide services that will analyze and detect areas of vulnerability, and provide you with recommendations for reducing those vulnerabilities.