Network Services


Whether your company wants a new network installed or just needs its existing network to stay fully operational, RFX Technologies has what it takes to get the job done. Our staff of highly trained IT professionals has years of experience in networking and server support.


We can install a new network or add workstations or servers to your existing network. RFX can also help with networking printers and other devices.

Cloud Storage

What is the cloud? Is this something that will work for your company? RFX has years of experience with developing cloud based solutions for business.

Remote Monitoring

We can recognize and diagnose networking problems and fix them before they become a major issue that can interrupt or shut down your business processes.

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RFX can help make sure your company is protected from hackers and intruders. We can keep your business information and data safe from both external and internal threats.

Remote Access

We can help ensure your employees are able to securely access their business documents and information when they are on-the-go or working from a remote location.

Network Maintenance

Everyone knows a network is not the type of thing you can just build and forget. Regular maintenance from RFX helps keeps it secure and free from viruses.


Existing IT team? No problem. We can provide networking and computer help-desk services to help free up your onsite IT support staff for bigger, more challenging projects, and even assist your IT personnel as well.


RFX can make sure your employees know how to get the most out of the network and software you are using to run your business.

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We provide support for all types of networks ranging from Microsoft to Linux. In addition, RFX team members are able to provide support on a wide array of software packages including the full suite of Microsoft technologies, all of which our team members possess competencies with and certifications in.