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We here at RFX like to share some of what's going on around our house. Not only updates about the latest technologies that we're using, but also updates on what is going on in our lives. Bart’s Blog is a culmination of articles contributed by a variety of RFX Team members. We hope that what you read will be informative, funny, thought provoking and more. Enjoy!

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IT Support: Why Be Proactive?
Posted by: Bart Bushong
on: 20 February 2012
in: security

Today in The Wall Street Journal, there was an interesting article about Nortel Networks, who recently discovered Chinese hackers had been downloading confidential documents from their computers for nearly a decade...

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Presentation Matters
Posted by: Bart Bushong
on: 7 February 2012
in: life

Whether it's for a new client, old client, potential client, or for internal use, speaking in front of an audience isn't the easiest thing to do. Even after years in the field, many still find it to be a nerve-racking chore. Especially if you don't have a professional designer on your staff, there can be a lot of pressure to craft an impressive digital show. But you don't need to worry. Here are some helpful tips to guide you through your next presentation...

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Virtual Meeting Rundown
Posted by: Bart Bushong
on: 25 January 2012
in: productivity

As our communication options continue to expand, gathering together in the same room to have a meeting is becoming increasingly unnecessary. A variety of online options are now available to join conference rooms across the street and around the world. Here are some of the most popular options for video conferencing today...

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4 Ways to Keep Smart Phones from Compromising Business Security
Posted by: Bart Bushong
on: 4 January 2012
in: business , security

Malicious software for smartphones is on the rise, especially during the holidays. As mobile users increasingly use one smartphone for personal and business use, smartphone security is becoming an important business concern. Once compromised, hackers can use a smartphone to get behind corporate firewalls and wreak havoc on your business's Wi-Fi. With more and more consumers shopping on their smartphone, the smartphone becomes an increasingly lucrative prey...

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